How to Get Art Onto the Wall Part 2


What is up, Afro Triangle fam? 

I wanted to take this opportunity to do a follow-up post about mural painting. The question that was asked was “how do you actually go about superimposing your image onto the picture of the wall? The app that I use is one that's called PicsArt. It's available for Android, but honestly any number of apps that are on your phone should be able to do this so I'm just going to walk you through this one. 

The very first thing you want to do is import the picture of your wall to whatever app you happen to be using. The next thing is to find the picture of your design that you want to put onto the wall and import it as an overlay. Once that's in, drop the opacity so that you can see what you're doing and then start enlarging. Once you've got it enlarged to the point where you can see the entirety of your image on the entirety of the wall and none of it's being cut off, then fiddle with the opacity again and make sure that you can see both the scribbles that are underneath and the design that is on top. When you can see both of those things clearly, save your image. That's the reference that you're going to be using in order to trace your image onto the wall on a large scale and that's going to help you retain your proportions and make everything look as great as possible. 

If you have any questions about any other things that you've seen me do over the years and you're “like explain that thing, what's that?” Please let me know .