How to Get Art Onto the Wall Part 1

What up Afro Triangle fam! This is Adri and I'm here to answer a few questions. 

Something that people have asked me so many times when I've created murals is “how do you blow up your image so that you can work so big?” You see these scribbles on the wall?

I call this a scribble grid. Other artists call it the doodle grid, the lazy grid… no matter what you call it, it’s a bunch of  marks on the wall.

This rolls back to how the old masters used to do it where they used to make literal grids with a bunch of boxes. They would draw a grid over their reference, draw a larger grid on the canvas or wall, then go box by box drawing the contents from the reference image onto the final substrate. 

But we've got technology now, which is pretty dope. 

So, what we do instead, is we draw a bunch of scribbles onto the wall, we take a photo of the scribbles on the wall and then superimpose our reference image onto the photo of the scribbles. From there we draw where our design intersects with the scribbles on the walls. It’s like connecting the dots. The more dots you have the easier it is going to be to get your drawing in. 

If you are doing a drawing with a lot of really high detail then put a lot of scribbles and put them really close together. If you're doing a drawing that's got fewer details then you can get by with fewer scribbles. If you're the kind of person who wants to get into murals or even just wants to draw your stuff on larger paper or on canvas, this is a cool trick to try.